Asmita Misra
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Personal Assistant

Brief: A digital personal Assistant for High Engagements Tasks

Role: Concept to Mock-up

Team: 1 Designer, 1 Mentor | Duration: 5months

Outcomes: Project Report Towards Masters Degree


Digital Personal Assistant

Overview: As a part of my internship at Microsoft in 2014, I created Cadbury, a personal digital assistant created for knowledge workers to assist in their high engagement tasks. I scope my project to the task of travel planning and created a concept video to explain the same.

Brief: A digital personal assistant for high engagements tasks

Role: Concept to Mock-Up

Team: 1 Designer, 1 Mentor | Duration: 5months

Outcomes: Project Report Towards Masters Degree

Created in the early phases of the project, this video utilizes the working title of the project which was later formally titled "Cadbury", adapted from the cartoon character, Richie Rich's trusted butler, Cadbury, who would do everything for Master Richie!

Information Architecture: Once the concept was finalized and approved by my mentor, I created an information architecture of the assistant to be able to create wireframes and mockups.

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Highlights of the design: 


Notebook View

Collects all relevant data shared with it so far into a auto organized, editable view of its notebook. Shows which applications/services information is collected from and allows user to make specific actions in order to progress in the task.


Augmented Search

Based on tasks, search will suggest results, terms to aid in completion and progress.