Asmita Misra
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Massage Reservation

Brief: An appointment booking app for Massage Heights 

Role: End-to-end Product Design

Team: Design, PM, Engg | Duration: 4months

Outcomes: App live on AppStore


Massage Reservations

Project Brief: I received a simple brief of conceptualizing an app for members of Massage Heights to book, rebook, cancel and rate any of their previous or upcoming appointments. Currently members either call up a retreat of their choice to complete the above tasks or use Zenoti's web based appointment booking wizard.

Brief: An Appointment Booking App For Massage Heights 

Role: End-To-End Product Design

Team: Design, PM, Engg | Duration: 4months

Outcomes: App Live On AppStore

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Founded in 2004, Massage Heights is a franchise based massage company built on a membership model. They makes regular massage and skin therapy affordable, while still providing a five-star service. They have more than 150 upscale Retreats across the United States and Canada.

Discover: The research phase for this project was centered around data analysis of customer booking and service preference patterns as it was available with Zenoti. Along with the PM, I looked up the last 6 months of customer usage data and we observed the following Pain Points:

pain points graphic.png

Along with these observations, we also analysed the user flows of different B2C apps in the market like movie ticket bookings, food delivery, next day grocery deliveries. 

Scenarios: A few key scenarios of app usage were identified:

  • Existing member, booking a specific service with a therapist of choice at their home retreat. The user expects to complete this service at a specific date and loosely defined time range.

  • New member, who has signed up at a Retreat, looking to book a new service more than 24 hours in advance

  • Returning member, looking to rebook a service they have recently completed

  • Member wanting to cancel an upcoming appointment

  • Member wanting to leave a review for a recently completed appointment

Goal/Brief: An app for the customers of Massage Heights that allows members to book & manage & rebook appointments at any retreat of their choice. 

Exploration: Design explorations started early on in the project in order to work out user flows. Initial exploration were chaotic and stuffed with features on the home page. With every review with the PM or my manager, I refined the homepage and dissolved features in subsequent steps to create a proper booking flow. By vN we had a clear direction for the wireframes and flow.

Refinements: Using a paper prototype I tested the initial flow of the app internally. This highlighted the lack of visibility of the previously booked services on the home page. Thus we created the "Quick Book" feature and brought it uptop on the home page. This allows members to rebook 1 of its last 5 appointments by capturing all its details, available upcoming time slots and yet providing the functionality to make minor edits. I explored a few layout options for these Quick Book cards.


Defining the main flow of booking a appointment with all variables was the hardest. It had many many steps and the team could almost never agree on the amount of flexibility provided to the user. We explored a number of flows to establish the final layout of the home screen and some other key screens.

Design: Taking the product from idea to reality in 4 short months, I designed the app keeping in mind that members can utilize their services seamlessly at any Retreat across the country. The app allows complete flexibility for the user to select aspects of their next appointment. Choosing from a number of services with a desired therapist for each and a range of add-ons to select from, users can choose an appointment time upto 3 months in advance.


Deliver: After finalizing the UX flows and design features with the clients, the developers and the project management team, I worked on the visual designs. I created icon libraries, colour palettes, buttons, etc along with providing all the required assets to the developers for production. 

High Fidelity Designs: View the click through prototype that was finally shared with the devs

Business Impact: This was created as a showcase app for Zenoti to present to its host of enterprise clients and it really helped set them a cut above the competition in their business domain. 


If you are a member, enjoy the experience of this convenience by downloading this app from the AppStore


Or view the demo video here.

This app also received a range of positive reviews and feedback and created a community of users who are currently helping it grow.

Reflections: With this project I realized the value of creating reusable UI components to reduce development timeline and bring consistency in the UI for the user. If I had more time with the project, I would definitely like to go through some user testing to validate and improve upon the flows.