Asmita Misra
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Point of Sale

Brief: An iPad app for Spa check-outs & payments

Role: End-to-end Product Design

Team: Design, PM, Engg | Duration: 3months

Outcomes: iPhone version Launched


Point of Sale

Project Overview: I created a point of sale experience for Zenoti's customers for iOS (iPad & iPhone), to reduce the rigidity that forms around a registration desk in a Spa/Salon. The manager and receptionist were able to engage with more customers at one time in more meaningful and seamless conversations. Guest checkout and bill payment became faster and it allowed Zenoti to be able to extend its own payment gateway to more customers.

Brief: An IPad App For Spa Check-Outs & Payments

Role: End-To-End Product Design

Team: Design, PM, Engg | Duration: 3months

Outcomes: iPhone Version Launched


Due to the internal nature of this B2B product, I am limited to sharing a snapshot for representational purposes. I'd be happy to share details on my process and design of this project to upon request.