Asmita Misra
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Schedule Handler

Brief: A schedule management, Guest & services tracking app for Massage therapists, estheticians

Role: End-To-End Product Design

Team: Designer, PM, Engg | Duration: 5months

Outcomes: App live on PlayStore & AppStore


Schedule Handler

Project Overview: For Zenoti's (a cloud based enterprise management software for Health and Beauty Industry) customers, in 2017, I designed native Android and iOS applications (upgrading from their older hybrid app) for the therapists and service providers. Through this app, therapists can keep a track of their schedule for the day, client profiles, special requests, custom data, along with their daily/monthly/yearly earnings and targets. 

Brief: A schedule management, guest & services tracking app for Massage Therapists, Estheticians

Role: End-to-end product design

Team: Designer, PM, Engg | Duration: 5months

Outcomes: App Live On PlayStore & AppStore


Due to the internal nature of this B2B product, I am limited to sharing a few snapshots for representational purposes.  I'd be happy to share details on my process and design of this project to upon request.

Constraints: Designing a single product to be used in multiple scenarios, set in a varied institutions and used by people of different cultural, educational and social backgrounds, comes with its own set of challenges, compromises and innovations.


Project Outcomes: As a way to streamline the design process of this multifaceted application, and to facilitate faster production timelines, I created a detailed style guide of visual elements for internal communication purposes. Here is a glimpse of the style guide through an abridged version.

Asmita-Misra-Zenoti-therapist-app-style guide.jpg