Asmita Misra
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Suraksha Chakra

Brief: A vaccination reminder wall clock for new parents

Role: Research, Design

Team: 2 Designers, Mentor | Duration: 1 Month

Tools Used: Photoshop + Laser Cutting + Windows Movie Maker

Outcomes: Working Prototype


Suraksha Chakra - Shield of Safety

Project Overview: In 2013 we designed a wall clock with an inbuilt vaccination reminder for new parents in the under-served communities of tier 1 & 2 cities in India. Given at the time of child birth, the clock uses a combination of audio and visual feedback to alert parents of their child's next due vaccination, upto 3 weeks in advance.

Brief: A Vaccination Reminder Wall Clock For New Parents

Role: Research, Design

Team: 2 Designers, Mentor | Duration: 1 Month

Tools Used: Photoshop + Laser Cutting + Windows Movie Maker

Outcomes: Working Prototype

Problem Identification: Approximately 27 million children are born in India each year — the largest birth cohort in the world — but less than 44% receive a full schedule of vaccinations. The Govt of India appoints around 12 ANMs and ASHAs for a population of every 10,000 (only half of the WHO prescribed rate of 24.5) to facilitate all the pregnant woman and children under 5 years of age for receiving vaccinations under its UIP scheme and other programs like Polio etc.

A part of the problem originated from the fact that there is no active in-house system for new parents to remember when is it time for them to take their child for his/her next vaccination. Therefore we designed our solution in such a manner that it independently reminds the family of each newborn child when it’s time for them to go for the next vaccination.

Cultural Context: At the time of research, we were given a tour of their living quarters by a few participating families. In all said households we noticed that photos of Gods, ancestors and important display artefact were hung on the wall always along with a wall clock. This made us realise that a wall clock (almost always received as a gift on a important occasion) held a high importance in the household of the participants and was something that they always looked up to and admired, daily. This was complementary to the functional purpose of keeping the time. This identification was the origin of the concept of this project.

Clock Face

Clock Cuircutery 

Product Design: "Suraksha Chakra", literally translating to a Circle of Protection, is a modified wall clock that has an inbuilt time ticker and a low cost analog message display system. This clock, gifted to parents of a new born child, has a battery life of 2 years. Using the analog display and a pre-recorded voice alert, it reminds the parents of the time to next vaccination. The video above explores the impact of such a system. Once this concept video was created, we worked on product refinement.

Prototype Creation: A working prototype was created using a clock module, simple alarm, speakers & led lights, all of which is available in the market at a very low cost. The outer casing was made with laser cut 2mm MDF. The count down to the next vaccination starts with a “3 weeks later” schedule, going down to “2 weeks later”, “1 week later” and reads upto “right away” for 1 whole week. The parent’s job is only to know when the next vaccination is due and take the child a health care provider on the due week. Based on the age of the child and previous record, the healthcare provider can determine which vaccine to administer.

Project Recognition: We entered Suraksha Chakra into the IHS National Student Challenge, 2013 and were selected as one of the finalists to present at the main event. A few national dailies covered the competition and featured our product.