Asmita Misra
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Vaccine Delivery Kit

Brief: An inventory kit redesign for vaccine delivery to remote villages of India

Role: Product Design + Design Research

Team: Designers, Researchers | Duration: 8 months

Outcomes: Pilot Testing


Vaccine Delivery Kit

Project Overview: In early 2011 at CKS (an innovation and research consultancy), I designed a vaccine carrier box for health care workers who travel to remote and rural parts of India to administer vaccines. The project was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and involved an intense 8 months of research, analysis and design work. Follow the button at the bottom of the page to read a detailed case study highlighting my process, outcomes and learnings. The final product was designed into 2 parts:


Inventory Kit

Carried by the field workers, this product was designed keeping in mind ergonomics and a way to enforce a certain process in her work. Our aim was to enhance hygiene practices by providing an organized workflow that allowed for organized chaos.


Cold Chain Module

This module, to be carried by the delivery person, was where the vaccine vials were to be kept in a cold chain. We added a collapsible syringe carrying case on the right and a fixed needle disposal unit on the left, in keeping with the workflow we devised for the healthcare worker with their inventory kit.

Brief: An Inventory Kit Redesign For Vaccine Delivery To Remote Villages Of India

Role: Product Design + Design Research

Team: Designers, Researchers | Duration: 8 Months

Outcomes: Pilot Testing